Shi-Shi Lounge

Shi-Shi Lounge


Join us at Shi-Shi Lounge to chill, enjoy top-notch shisha, sip on your favorite drinks, and dive into exciting board games or PlayStation action!

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Experience the Shi-Shi

Light and Dark Room

Light Room:
From: 8:00 – 14:00
Why: Study, Chillout, Work
Bonuses: Free Wifi, Calm, private place, Shisha
From: 18:00 – 2:00
Why: Party, Music, SHisha, Drinks
Bonuses: Free Wifi, Calm, private place, Shisha

Dark Room: 
For: Parties, Celebrations, Groups
Bonuses: Private, Spacious, Choose Your own colors, music

Hookah experience

Light - Dark tobacco

Choose from light or dark tobacco and savor a new flavor every day at Shi-Shi Lounge. Consult our hookah master for today’s selections and find your perfect match for an unparalleled smoking experience.

Coctail experience base on elemental

Elemental Cocktails at Shi-Shi Lounge

Discover our Elemental Cocktails, where each creation draws inspiration from earth, water, fire, or air. Our mixologists blend unique ingredients to align with each element, offering you a cocktail experience that resonates with your spirit. Choose your element, savor the flavor.

Gameboard or PS5

Unleash your competitive spirit at Shi-Shi Lounge, where entertainment meets variety. Dive into our diverse collection of board games for a classic challenge or grab a controller to immerse yourself in the latest PlayStation 5 adventures. Whether you’re strategizing over a gameboard or embarking on a digital quest, we’ve got your game night covered.

Redbull Spirits

Elemental Cocktails with Redbull

Shi-Shi Lounge

Truly Relaxing and Authentic Environment

Immerse yourself in the dual ambiance of our Light and Dark Rooms, tailored for your relaxation and entertainment at any time of the day. Savor the ever-changing selection of hookah flavors, choosing between light or dark tobacco. Elevate your experience with our Elemental Cocktails, crafted to match the essence of earth, water, fire, or air. Engage in spirited fun with our array of board games or get lost in the virtual worlds of PlayStation 5. Shi-Shi Lounge is your destination for exceptional leisure, flavor, and fun.